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The right generator & equipment for your situation.

Solar Power. Delivered.

Reliable power can mean everything. On a jobsite or construction job it can mean the difference between on time or over budget. In emergency situations it can mean life or death. In every situation, power you can trust is all that matters. That's why Sun For Rent treats each situation uniquely and works with you to choose the solar generator rental that's best for your situation.

Our generator rentals get delivered to your location and setup by our technicians on site. The setup process only takes a few minutes and we can show you how to monitor or use aspects of the unit you need. Once your rental term is complete, we’ll pick it up for you.

overview of our Rental Process

More benefits of Solar Generators

Remote Monitoring

Check your load, output & use in real time from any device.

Cleaner Energy

Harvest energy from the sun instead of gas or diesel.

Save Money

Most use cases cost less than traditional diesel power.


Built on heavy duty trailers for remote/rough access.

Arrays & Configurations

Select or combine units & arrays for outup needs.

Designed for Reliable Power

See why solar makes sense

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to More Questions

We have delivered solar generators across the U.S. but typically we rent in the Western part of the country depending on situation.

Yes. The delivery fee will depend on your location and applies to all rentals.

Our solar generator rentals typically require some kind of insurance and/or deposit. Our staff has worked with companies and individuals to provide this or use existing policies.

The real answer is ... it depends. Our solar generators and arrays can provide enough power for large commercial or industrial needs or enough to run your off-grid home or build site. 

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