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About Sun For Rent

Sun For Rent is a company that believes in a better way to provide portable electricity using solar. Our solar generators and power systems offer companies an alternative to diesel electric generators.

High Quality Generators by Design

After more than a decade of experience working with solar electric power systems, Sun For Rent had the idea to offer solar electric generators that were portable and trailer mounted. These solar electric generators were designed to provide power in the same situations as traditional generators – with some big benefits.

Instead of relying on fuel, these solar electric generators harvest energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Specialized batteries store additional power for use any time and a simple controller shows you details on how much power is being created, used and stored.

You can plug your electric and extension cords directly into our solar generators the same way you would at home. Our solar electric generator rentals don’t make noise or exhaust, don’t require permits and can be towed and positioned wherever you need them.

Equipment Slideshow

Scroll through this slideshow of our rental equipment in action.

Experience & Expertise

Based in Central California, Sun for Rent offers a wide array of portable, off-grid energy equipment rentals. Our rental equipment services a variety of applications, including: construction sites, mobile office trailers, utility backup, remote monitoring, events, disaster relief and more.

The company was officially launched in 2019 and we have been overwhelmed by the response. Since leasing our first solar generator we have now provided hundreds of rentals across multiple states. Our systems have provided electricity for events, construction trailers, large job sites, mining operations, disaster response, emergency rentals, off-grid homes, remote scientific research and more.

Ask Our Customers

The generator is a powerful and versatile mobile unit. From the build quality of the trailer, to the top shelf components inside, you would be hard pressed to find a better turnkey system capable of 120/240V power.
Mark Motto
Ellenboro, NC
The solar generator rental trailer worked perfectly and provided the needed power for 45 consecutive days. I would recommend using it.
Joseph Eyre

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